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Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Laos Ventiane, Modena, Genova, Torino, Hambourg, Munich.
Le Chaînon Manquant  / Festival Le Grand Soufflet / Terre du Son  / Festival de la Voix / Rue de l'Accordéon / Les Nuits Blanches / Les Estivales du Canal / Le Printemps des Bretelles  / Festival Jazz en Baie  / Les Nuits de Nacre  / Jazz en Touraine / La Pamparina  / Printemps de Bourges
La Forge (avec les Ogres de Barback)  / le 104 / La Fabrick (Hambourg, ALL) / BMW Welt (Munich, ALL) / Le Nadir / La Bellevilloise  / Le 6par4  / La Carosserie Mesnier / Club La Chesnaie  / Le Bateau Ivre 

  • Osaka, Japon, 2013
  • Vergato, Italie, 2012
  • Tournage du Clip "Les Petites Amourettes"
  • Tokyo, Japon,2011
  • Train Fantasque, 2015
  • La Caravane Saugrenue, 2010
  • Vientiane, Laos, 2008

Our story

The Balluche was created in 2006 in Tours in the heart of the community of musicians known as ‘La Saugrenue’. Originally solely instrumental, the group strived to reappropriate the sound of Musette from the 1930s by using the typical formation of the genre: accordion, gypsy jazz guitar/ banjo, double bass and jâse (a forerunner of the drum kit). They delved into music by the pioneers of this style: Émile Vacher, Gus Viseur, Tony Murena and Jo Privat, exploring all of the genres spanned by the Musette canon (waltz, tango, paso doble, java). They also took interest in the gypsy jazz style (‘jazz manouche’) which is closely tied to the emergence and evolution of Musette (Django Reinhardt began his career by accompanying accordionists at the balls). The arrival of a singer in 2007 was a landmark moment and a turning point in the group’s early days. From here they began to revisit songs from the réaliste genre: Fréhel, Damia, Marie Dubas and Edith Piaf. In no time they composed their own tracks in these styles, inspired by thematic issues specific to the réaliste style/era, using authentic Parisian slang, and also incorporating more personal musical elements. On stage the five colourful characters - each endowed with their own charming nickname - perform a show combining emotion, poetry, humour and intensity in a unique ambiance somewhere between cabaret, a Musette ball, and music-hall. Internationally recognised and identified as worldmusic artists, the members of the Balluche perform on stages across the globe. Today, the group performs two distinct concerts: ‘Balluche Soundsystem’, a performance combining cotemporary acoustics and the 1930s styles and ‘Le P'tit Bal Perdu’, a full-fledged cabaret ball served the old-fashioned way.


Band members

Sacha La Fauve

"Wildcat Sacha" | Vocals

Daughter of a Polish admiral and a Parisian street singer, Sacha was forged by the drinking dens of ‘la Butte’ and the high-end neighbourhoods of the Eastern Quarter. She raises her voice right across Europe and socialises just as much with the upper-crust as with the rogues and thugs. The kid fits in anywhere - rumour has it that she is a secret agent...

Flo la Bretelle

"Dapper Flo" | Accordion

Son of a ball drummer, he roamed the Musette balls soon as he could walk. Three-time finalist in the Accordion World Championships, he can play over three hundred notes a minute. The guy has a secret: it's the caffeine that flows abundantly in his veins.

Victor La Tambouille

"Victor the Trigger-Man" | Gypsy Guitar/Banjo

Prince of fisticuffs, king of the rumble, expert with a dagger, he holds the sinister title of thirty victories by sudden death. Forget lullabies, it's another kind of tune that this guy is dancing to.

Mat l'emplummeur

"Light-Fingered Mat"| Double Bass

An imposter from the aristocracy, he’s been a professional conman ever since he was old enough to count. He would deftly manipulate his grandmother as skilfully as he shuffles a pack of cards. People even say that he diddled the moneylender, if you catch my drift.

Jean-Jean la Taxe

"Jean-Jean the Cadge"| Jâse (Victorian Drums)

Born in the boxing ring, Jean-Jean was introduced to the brawl from a tender young age. Selftaught in the art of robbery, he rattles the ruling class of Paris. This money detector will pilfer your last penny.

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